Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is an essential part of our Rehabilitation Program. Our Physical Therapy Team works with patients at Weslaco Rehab Hospital to help them achieve their highest level of motor functioning possible through Functional Mobility Retraining, Neurological Rehabilitation, and Orthopedic Rehabilitation.

Through Functional Mobility Retraining, staff will teach proper and safe functional mobility with an emphasis on minimizing risks of falls and   re-injury. Walking on variable surfaces and climbing stairs, rising to stand on all surfaces and other everyday activities are taught in the inpatient setting.

Our Physical Therapists treat an array of disabilities and impairments, including those in need of Neurological Rehabilitation such as stroke (CVA), Parkinson’s, brain and spinal cord injuries. Each patient is evaluated to develop a treatment plan to meet their individual plans and goals.

Orthopedic conditions  and surgeries that require rehabilitation are also evaluated and treated through Orthopedic Rehabilitation.  Trained staff will focus on intense training of proper mobility and exercises to restore normal range of motion, strength and mobility.