Patient Activities

Each week our Activities Coordinator plans out the activities, games, and outings for our patients. All the activities that are planned for the week are done in conjunction with the rest of the Rehabilitation Team wich includes the therapists and nurses. Activities are used as a form of therapy and contribute to WRH’s goal of performance improvement as they help increase physical abilities, allow patients to work on their interpersonal skills, and help build self-confidence and self-reliance.

Recreational Games

Having fun at WRH is just as important as working hard to regain your independence. Recreational games during the week will not only help you regain physical strength, but will provide hours of fun and enjoyment with the staff and other patients.  Weekly recreational games may include playing bingo, miniature golf, among many others.

Special Events, Holidays

Special events and holiday celebrations are fun and exciting at WRH. During the year, our Activities Coordinator plans events such as:

4th of July Celebration

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day Celebration

Weekly Graduation Celebration

Fall Festival

Easter Celebration

Rahab Week Celebration

Hospital Week Celebration

Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts are a popular form of therapy nationwide.  Patients are able to explore and express their creativity, relax, and most of all have fun during these activities. Arts and Crafts are proven to help patients improve their fine motor skills, problem solving skills, alert their mind, and allow therapists to monitor if the patient is able to follow directions. They are also proven to help patients find a sense of accomplishment and value.


Baking is a therapeutic activity offered at Weslaco Rehab Hospital and gives patients an opportunity practice their intrapersonal skills. Baking brings therapeutic advantages that can be of great benefit to the patient’s functional improvement as they are able to practice their motor skills, overall balance, memory, concentration, sensory awareness and muscle strength.  When the task is completed, baking also provides a sense of accomplishment in creating a satisfying treat.


Community Re-Entry Therapy

  • Staff Community Re-Entry Outings may be offered as part of your rehabilitation program. These outings provide an opportunity to practice skills you have learned in therapy in an everyday setting. You and the Rehab Team will establish goals to be achieved during your leave. These goals will help us determine areas of therapy that need additional attention before discharge.  Staff CRT Outings can often include a trip to the local mall, community events, or eating out at a local restaurant.
  • Family and friend support is extremely beneficial in helping you reach your rehabilitation goals. A Family Therapeutic Pass is designed to help your family learn about your condition and provide the support your need once you are able to go home. During a Family Therapeutic Pass, a patient is allowed to go home for 4-6 hours with the appropriate family training.  The Pass allows the patient to do a self-evaluation of their progress and adaptability to their home setting.  The Therapeutic Passes are also available for special occasions, holidays, etc. and will only be allowed if the patient is medically stable.  The Rehabilitation Team will decide if a Family Therapeutic Pass is adequate for each patient.
  • Home Evaluations are also part of the Rehabilitation Community Re-Entry Programs offered at WRH. The goal of a Home Evaluation is to assess you home setting in order to develop specific interventions while in the rehabilitation setting. Our staff will assess you ability to function in your home in light of a new disability and will make recommendations of  changes that need be me made to your home (i.e. installation of grab bars, monitor wheelchair accessibility, etc.).