Going Home

Discharge planning is just as important as our rehabilitation program. It is important that as you prepare for discharge, you keep the following information in mind:

You and your family will be involved in discharge planning from beginning of stay, thus you should be well prepared. If there is any part of your treatment plan or care that you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Your physician will sign your discharge papers. If you leave before your physician signs your discharge, you must sign a statement by which you assume complete responsibility for leaving without medical approval.

On day of discharge, you will be given a follow-up appointment with your doctor.

Equipment items that you will need, such as a wheelchair, grab bars, etc., will have been ordered and will be ready to go with you. Your living place may have been evaluated for safety and accessibility, and changes in your home will have been suggested or completed.

Our Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire will need to be completed by you and/or your family. This helps us to improve our program for patients in the future. We appreciate your feedback to improve our patient care.

Release of information is needed in order to share your progress with healthcare agencies that are part of your continuum of care.

Team Conference

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals is eager to help you reach your goals and help you to resume your daily activities in your home.  The Rehabilitation Team will hold a weekly Team Conference to discuss and follow your progress at WRH, review your therapeutic goals, and evaluate your plan of care.  During Team Conference, the Rehab Team will decide if you are ready to be discharged. They will discuss your discharge plans and recommend any changes to your home setting or arrange for continuity of care at another facility.


At Weslaco Rehab Hospital, your success is our success. Each Thursday of the week, we celebrate the success of our patients who have reached their rehabilitation goals and are ready to be discharged. Graduation ceremony is a hospital-wide celebration in honor of your hard work and commitment to your rehabilitation program.